Creative Painting Ideas for Your Walls

Posted on 11th February 2014 in Uncategorized

When you want to perk up your décor with something dazzling, it’s only natural to look first at your walls.  When planning a makeover project, they are a great place to begin.  Today there are many wall treatments and paint finishes that can complement any decorative scheme.  If you are looking for some genuine wow factor to add to your home, consider the following creative painting ideas for a look you are sure to love.

Patterned Paint Rolls

If you love the look of toile wallpaper but don’t want the headache of putting up wallpaper, patterned paint rolls are a great possibility for your walls.  Choose a theme such as a nature pattern and dip the patterned roller in paint and carefully apply to the wall.  The treatment is not difficult so long as you have enough paint on the roller to achieve an even effect for your wall art.  Practice on some inexpensive plywood to get the hang of it and then attack your walls!

Waxed Wall Finish

A wax finish is can be a marvelous decorative upgrade for any room.  A wax finish over specialty plastered walls, for instance, can render your room into a Venetian palazzo or a Tuscan villa.  The highly polished appearance of the walls enlivens the room and makes them a dramatic focal point even without the addition of other wall accents.  Employing a skilled artist to engineer your specialty plaster and wax finish is the best way to achieve stunning results (Source: plaster creative walls by Anne Thull).


Framed paintings, no matter how captivating, never seem to arrest the attention the way a wall-sized mural can.  Wall murals can be painted on canvas that is mounted to the wall or on the direct wall itself.  Your artist may have helpful suggestions about this.  You might employ any type of scene from a vineyard setting to a seascape.  The murals become focal points that also provide a framework for the rest of the décor.  If you are looking for a jaw-dropping idea for your walls, a painted mural will not disappoint!

Consider these ideas when you want to redecorate a room.  You’ll enjoy your space even more when you apply one of these treatments to your walls.

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