Designing Modern Bathroom

Posted on 15th December 2012 in Bathroom

Modern Bathroom

After back from your work, you may want to spoil your body in your bathroom. It will become so frustrating if you find your bathroom having a messy look. To overcome that problem, the only way is to renovate or remodeling your bathroom in order to make it more comfortable to you. Here are some tips on how to design modern bathroom that will bring comfort to your home.

Since the concept of modern bathroom is minimalist design, you can choose interior that has simplicity theme. You must choose soft color like white or yellow that considered as elegant color. For the interior, you can buy simple bathroom cabinet that is match with the color theme. For modern bathroom any intricate design is not acceptable. Generally modern bathroom emphasize straight line in its stuff, so that you can choose faucets that designed geometrically.

Modern Bathroom

For flooring, the best choice is tile floor that has large spacious look. If you do not like tile floor, you can replace it with travertine marble. Travertine marble can stay durable over time, but it is more expensive than the ordinary tile because it requires high quality material. The last, lighting also become major issue for your bathroom. You can choose natural light that can give dramatic effect to your bathroom.

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