How Are Wood Window Replacements Energy-Efficient?

Posted on 19th February 2014 in Uncategorized

Replacing the windows in the home provides many benefits, including improvements in energy efficiency, curb appeal and increased comfort for those that live in the home. Although there are many choices available for window replacements, one that is often considered by the homeowner are wood frame windows.

Wood windows are an excellent choice for remodeling projects on a number of different levels (Source: They are aesthetically pleasing and can easily add to the value of the home. In addition, wood windows tend to resist condensation in comparison with other window types, such as vinyl. There is also the energy efficiency of wood replacement windows, which is always a consideration when doing a home improvement project of this magnitude. How energy-efficient are wood replacement windows?

There are a few basic choices for window frame material that you can compare against wood frame windows (Source: These would include aluminum, vinyl and fiberglass. When you compare the energy efficiency of wood windows with aluminum windows, which are a common construction grade choice, you will find that wood is a much more efficient insulator. They also offer a similar degree of energy efficiency when compared to fiberglass, although the improvement in how wood windows look tends to put them in the lead. Wood is also an excellent choice as a building material because it does not over-expanded when it heats and it increases its efficiency as it dries.

In addition to considering the frame of the window, it is also important to consider other factors which will make a difference in energy efficiency. The efficiency of the seal on the window is one of those factors. Most high-quality windows are going to seal efficiently and help to avoid drafts, which increases the energy efficiency considerably. Opting for Low-e coating or choosing multiple panes of glass will also improve the energy efficiency of the window as well.

Finally, consider the installation of the window because it can also make a large difference in its energy efficiency. Wood windows may be an excellent choice for insulation, but if they are not installed properly, air could find its way into your home around the building envelope. Proper installation will also ensure the operation of the window and reduces the possibility that water damage will occur.

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