Interesting Architectural Ways To Make Your Home More Fun For Your Kids

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Nothing is too much trouble for your children. We can give them things of which generations before could only dream. There is a section of society that suffers from a lack of money thanks to the imposition of cruel austerity measures. But they have hope that one day their children will benefit from their share of the wealth.


Roger Wollstadt

Our children are the most important consideration when we look in estate agents in Tamworth with a view to buying a new home. What features could the new house boast, or can we make  alterations to our present home?

Here are some architectural ways to make your home more fun for your kids.


Convert The Loft

Above your head, there might be a huge space that is going to waste. Think about converting it into a games room. There are many advantages to loft conversions when you compare them to home extensions. Check these out.

  • The cost of the conversion is much less than that of an extension.
  • You do not lose any valuable land.
  • The work takes less time than a full extension.
  • You might not need planning permission.

When the loft project is complete, you could put a pool table up there, or maybe an amusement arcade. You will not be short of ideas from the kids for its use.


Build A Pool

Children love water, so what better project than to build them an indoor heated swimming pool. Yes, it will be an expensive addition to your home, but it is worth every penny in the eyes of your children. The pool can be any shape or size to suit your land and budget. There is no need to build brick walls for the pool enclosure these days; there are many standard structures on the market to suit your taste.


Build A Turret

Build a small turret on the side of the house that they can access via a small staircase from their bedroom. many American designers use turrets in their houses. They make brilliant hideaways for kids at play.


Build A Slide

If you have room, build a slide at the side of the stairs. Let the little monsters come down in style. It is a quirky feature that will bring much happiness to them.


Waterproof The Cellar

They could have a room for entertaining their friends right below your feet. Most old terraced houses have cellars that were once used as coal storage and to keep food cold before that age of refrigeration. Unfortunately, they are damp and musty places. You will find companies on the internet that will convert it and make it usable once more. It is probably big enough for a sofa and television. It is a shame for such a space to go to waste  when it could be put to use.


Spiral Staircase

If your home has more than one staircase, replace it with a spiral unit. They are  fantastic fun for people of all ages and take up much less space than a traditional stairway.

There is no end to the things you can do to your home with a little imagination. Do you have a humorous side to your nature that will appreciate the quirky features?

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