Makeover Your Stair to Create New Home Decoration

Posted on 9th January 2012 in Home Decoration


Home decoration is not only available in home supply stores. In fact, it can also be obtained by creating it yourself. One example of this kind of decoration, which is actually also a trending home decoration in this year is called as stair makeover.


There are several ways you can do to makeover your stair in order to get a new home decoration that you can make on your own. The first way is by painting every staircase with different color. The colors of a rainbow are the ones that you can use as inspiration. Since there are many colors used, you have to know that the stair will be perfect for a house with modern or contemporary theme.

If you want to paint your stair with one new color only, it will be totally fine. Even so, replacing the color seems to be quite boring. Because of that, you can try to add an idea in this case. The idea is to write some inspirational word on each staircase so that every time you step on each staircase, you will be inspired. The words can also be some kind of reminders that can help you to be a better person in every single day.

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