Multiple Lighting Sources for Bathroom

Posted on 13th March 2013 in Bathroom, Lighting

Multiple Lighting Sources for Bathroom

Lighting is an important aspect of home decoration. Whatever the room is, the lighting will surely influence the aesthetic side of the design. What about the bathroom?

For the bathroom, we can try to optimize the lighting by combining different sources of lighting. It is great to have the natural lighting source from outside the room and electric lighting simultaneously. An important thing to consider is how we mix all sources. We may also need to apply multiple lights inside for functional purposes. For example, in front of the vanity or mirror, we need to have clear reflection from the mirror. For this, we can choose three-bulbs combined light to be placed above the mirror. We can also apply this concept for the shower or the bathroom sink.

Applying the idea may require us to spend little bit higher. However, the result we will get from the idea will be surely awesome for the bathroom decoration. Therefore, it is suggested to find the efficient lights such as LED lights that are considered as efficient lights with low energy consumption with means cheaper cost. Of course we need to pay attention to the concept we want to create in choosing the best lights for our bathroom decoration.

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