Started to Get the House Like I Want It

Posted on 30th December 2014 in Uncategorized

Of course when I was saving up for the house I was not thinking about all of the stuff that goes in the house, but that really can add up. It is a lot of big things like furniture sets and a lot of little things. We did not think too much about the stuff like blinds until we realized that our windows were all an odd size. We had to go and get custom fast blinds in Brentwood 94513. That was just one little thing that you have to think about. There is landscaping to do at this house, we made a good deal on this house, but most of that was because the land was a real mess. We thought about hiring a guy to fix it for us, because that would have been a lot easier than doing what we need to do. I did hire a guy with a tractor to come out and do a bit of work over on one side of the lot. That part of the yard had a bunch of rocks and that made it really difficult to deal with.

At any rate it is going to take a lot of time and a good bit of money to get this place the way that we want it. It is a big deal to us to get things done as cheaply as we can, but to still get it done the way that we want it. We are really trying to figure out when we are going to be ready to do the more serious things. The big job is going to be doing the kitchen over. We are thinking that we want to build a pantry and an island. That will involve tearing out most of what is there now.

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