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Posted on 15th October 2014 in Interior Design

Finishing with natural stone is a modern version of utilization of, probably the oldest material, ever existed in the world of construction. It may seem odd enough, but the stone is always relevant, it looks aesthetically pleasing and is widely used in a variety of design solutions. This material has become increasingly popular among Toronto interior designers. It is used almost everywhere – in the kitchen and in the bedrooms, on the balconies and in the hallways for finishing work, various surfaces lining and trim elements crafting (range hoods for the kitchen, mantels for the fireplaces and much more). Stone cladding have been used in the interior for a long time, being a widespread, popular and timeless way of walls decoration. There are many ways to use natural and artificial stone in the interior of the premises. If to approach this issue creatively, combining fantasy and imagination, you can come up with a lot of original masonry applications in virtually any interior.

Why natural stone

Unlike many other materials, stone is durable and long-lasting, resistant to scratches and cracks material with low deformation. If cared properly, natural stone will last practically forever, and considering the way how this beautiful stuff gets older, it even has a special meaning. Leading Toronto designers state that the price of natural stone is justified, given its excellent, unmatched features. In addition to practicality, stone has exceptional thermal stability: it does not change its properties even in the fire, it can be used for lining kitchen surfaces and even stoves and fireplaces. Range hoods made of stone, installed in the kitchen, give a whole room an exceptional, elegant look inherent to ancient Rome castles. It should also be mentioned that a stone, being a natural material, does not cause allergies, it is 100% eco-friendly and can be used in absolutely all residential premises. These features only add the popularity of this construction material. Main benefits of stone finishes are: intense and unique texture, naturalness, excellent sound insulation, wide selection of colors, textures and prices and easiness of maintenance and durability.

Natural stone in design of interiors

First of all, it is the richness of natural stone textures and its natural diversity attract interior designers to this material. The surface made of stone always impresses with unusual pattern and a variety of colors. Exceptional properties of this material allow designers to use it in the designing of walls and floor as well as for creating separate elements of the decor like range hoods, columns, arches, etc. In addition to the aesthetic component, a stone has wonderful tactile properties: the stone surface keeps the coolness in a natural way, that is highly appreciated in the southern countries, or for the creation of the interior of a country house, designed for a summer vacation. Due to its properties, natural stone is used almost everywhere: in the interior design of living rooms, bedrooms, decorating a bathrooms, encasing kitchen appliances (range hoods) and even in the garden. Perhaps, you would hardly find more practical and versatile material. It simply does not exist. It is worth to remember that the nobility of natural stone requires flawless craftsmanship. Elegant, perfectly executed finish can only be completed by professionals.

Marshall Ramsey about Toronto range hoods and their diversity.

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