Tips for Indoor Garden

Posted on 15th January 2013 in Gardening

Indoor Garden

If you do not have enough space in your yard to plant many types of flowers or plants, you can try indoor garden. By making an indoor garden, you not only make your house more beautiful but also healthy. It is because the plant can absorb air pollution inside your house.

  • You should choose plant that can grow well indoor. You can plant various types of ivy and some vegetables, such as tomato and cucumber.
  • For the container, you can use small pot. Select the right size and material so your plant can grow well without changing the pot every year. Do not forget to buy potting soil that can make your plant healthy and secure from diseases and pets.
  • After you put your plant in the pot, you should find right place inside your house as the indoor garden. You can install greenhouse window to place your plants or any place that receive much sunlight. Arrange those plants based on your creation so it will look attractive. To make it more wonderful, you can add grow light below the pots.
  • To keep your plants alive, you should water them but do not give them too much or they will die. You can also mist them using spray water so their soil will keep moisture and their need adequately.

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