When Is The Right Time To Renovate Your Home

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Some home renovations can be complicated and drawn out. It is not unusual for improvements such as extensions to take many months to complete. There are also financial considerations that you must address.

Elliot Brown

Perhaps you have some upgrades in mind but don’t know when to put them into action. Here are a few tips to help you decide the best time to renovate your home.


The Weather

If you had a choice, would you rather replace the windows of your home in the summer or  the middle of winter? It sounds an obvious choice, but there are some things you should think about first.

If the windows are single glazed with wooden frames, you will use extra energy to keep the house warm over the winter. Since you have determined to upgrade them, maybe a couple of days of cold will be worth it to reduce your energy bills during the season of heaviest consumption.

You might find that the building company has less work over the winter and will give you an attractive deal on an extensive project. Surely it is worth the hassle to get the job done for a few thousand pounds less than it would cost in the summer.


Before You Sell

Whether or not it is a good idea to renovate your home before you sell, is a grey area. Upgrades to the kitchen and bathroom will probably lead to a quicker sale and reflect in the price, but you might not get your money back on a loft conversion, for example. Ask the experts at an estate agents in Bicester or Banbury before you start work. Of course, smaller renovations such as decoration and garden makeover will make the property attractive to buyer sand they cost little.

Renovate the front of the property to improve its curb appeal. Concentrate on the paintwork, guttering, and front door. the building must look in top condition and attractive.



If you come into a windfall from the death of a relative or a lottery win, your home is an excellent place to invest it. High-quality renovations could leave you with a luxurious home for the rest of your life and are a fantastic long-term investment. In the future, should you ever decide to sell, the house price will rise above the cost of the improvements.


Letting Your Property

If you intend to move out for a while and rent your house to tenants, it is a good time to renovate. Remember that they will not care for your home as you do, so there are a few jobs you should undertake.

Put your expensive carpets into storage and install laminate flooring instead. It is durable and stain resistant. You will find it easy to install and remove when the time is right.

Store your furniture and put some cheap pieces in place of it and if there are internal glass doors, replace them with cheap alternatives.


As you can see, you can improve your home at any time, but some of the jobs might leave you sitting in a cold house for a while. Those of you who have a disability or an intolerance to cold temperatures ought to wait for the summer before you proceed. I hope you found this information useful. Good luck with your projects; i hope they go well.

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